Ram Bahadur Bamjan of Bara who is known as ascetic was arrested from Kathmandu



January 10, 2024 5:34 pm

Simara: Ram Bahadur Bamjan of Bara Ratanpur, who claims to be an ascetic, has been arrested by the police from Kathmandu. Bamjan, who is on the wanted list of the police, was arrested by a team of the Central Bureau of Investigation from Budhanilkanth.

There are allegations of disappearance and sexual violence against Bamjan. The police was searching after receiving various complaints demanding action against Bamjan. To arrest Bamjan, the police also raided his ashram in Sindhuli.

Bamjan, who has been hiding from the police for a long time, was arrested when he went to Budhanilkanth to meet his family members.

Bamjan, who came into the limelight for performing penance in the Ratanpuri and Halkhoria forests of Bara, went missing after being accused of various charges. The police were also monitoring in Ratanpuri and Halkhoria, which are said to be the places where he did penance.

During his stay in Bara, he was accused of holding foreign women hostage, sexual abuse, assault on common people, forest encroachment and logging. In the year 2062, he was found penance in the forest of Ratanpur. But after a few years, he became controversial.