Parsa police have arrested three Chinese citizens



April 1, 2024 2:56 pm

Simara: Parsa police have arrested three Chinese citizens who were running fraud business online. The police arrested them from Nandu Patel’s house located in Birgunj Metropolitan City 15.

Among those arrested are Lui Gui Kai from Chin Huan, Wang Bohong and Chieng Qiao from Huawei. The police seized a large quantity of computers, laptops, mobile phones, SIM cards and other materials from them, who were active as online fraud gangs.

According to Parsa police spokesperson Kumar Bikram Thapa, 120 computer CPUs, 118 monitors, 35 mobile phones, 4 laptops, 13 Indian Jio SIM cards, printers, inverters, ATM cards, Indian numbers were recovered from the place where they were operating the fraud business. Vehicles, motorcycles with Nepali numbers, Nepali, Malaysian and Cambodian currency and other materials were recovered.

They were running fraud business in the name of online lottery, shopping. The police, who arrested the Chinese citizen and seized the goods, have not revealed anything about the fraud business that is being systematically operated. It is mentioned in the press release issued by the spokesperson Thapa that further investigation is being done on who else was involved in the fraud.