A movement started in Bara demanding teacher to student ratio in government schools



May 6, 2024 5:19 pm

Bara: The Aam Janata Party has started a protest from Sunday demanding that the posts of teachers be maintained in proportion to the number of students in the community schools of the district of Madhes. The Aam Janata Party led by former minister Prabhu Shah has started a movement in Bara demanding an end to the government’s discrimination in schools.

Aam Janata Party central secretary and Madhes state president Umesh Kushwaha said that on the first day of the movement, Aam Janata Party leaders and activists demonstrated in Bara’s Kalaiya on Sunday and submitted a memorandum to the Union and the state government through the Chief District Officer.

Kushwaha informed that there are plans to form a committee in every district of Madhes from Baisakh 25 to 30, interact with students and parents on Baisakh 30, surround the office of Education Coordination Unit Committee on Jestha 15 and surround the Education Department on Jestha 20.