Jaspa: Recommendation of Mayor and Deputy Mayor in Kalaiya Sub-metropolis



April 23, 2022 11:53 pm

Kalaiya: The Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) has recommended the names of aspirants for the post of mayor and deputy mayor of Kalaiya sub-metropolis. A meeting of the Jaspa Municipal Committee held in Kalaiya on Saturday recommended the names of three for the post of chief and four for the post of deputy chief.

According to Shiv Nath Patel, chairman of the JSP Municipal Committee, it was decided to recommend the names of all the aspirants as no consensus could be reached in the discussions held for the selection of candidates. Among those recommended for the post are Pramod Prasad Gupta, Dharmendra Yadav and Sunil Das.

Gupta was also a leading candidate in the previous local elections. Gupta, a candidate from the Federal Socialist Forum, came third with 9,404 votes. In Kalaiya, Congress won and UML was in second place.

Similarly, the meeting has decided to recommend the names of Laxmidevi Patel, Umravati Yadav, Prakash Chaugai and Shankar Yadav as deputy chiefs. Among them, Patel was the candidate for the post of deputy chief from the Federal Socialist Forum in the last election. In that election, she came third with 8,708 votes.

Jaspa Municipal Committee Chairman Patel informed that the recommended candidates would be discussed in the executive meeting and if not finalized, they would be sent to the district committee. If there is no decision from the district committee, the final decision of the candidate will be made by the provincial committee.