Tiger died on the expressway, old wounds were seen on the body



October 2, 2022 7:34 pm

Simara: A tiger died on Friday evening on the Kathmandu-Terai (Madhes) Expressway. The injured tiger came out of the forest of the park and died after reaching the expressway.

After seeing the tiger lying down on the expressway with blood coming out of its mouth, the Nijgadh-based development task force informed the Parsa National Park team. When the park team led by Assistant Conservation Officer Surya Khadka reached the spot, the tiger was breathing. The tiger died shortly after the team reached it.

Assistant conservation officer Khadka, who reached the spot, said that the tiger looked like it had been injured for a few days and had old wounds on its body. Khadka said that the cause of the tiger’s death will be revealed after the post-mortem. The team of the park has taken the dead tiger for surgery.

Earlier, the tiger had attacked the barracks of the development and construction team at Nijgadh. It is understood that the injured tiger bit and attacked various items including vehicles and also tried to attack the army. After the tiger tried to attack, the soldiers escaped and saved their lives.

The tiger came out of the barracks after aggressively damaging vehicles and goods for some time. Shortly after leaving the barracks, the soldiers saw him fallen on the road and informed the park.