The meeting of the ruling coalition has finalized the seat allocation



October 8, 2022 12:43 pm

Simara: The meeting of the ruling coalition held after the exit of the JASAPA left the two elections of Bara empty and finalized the seat distribution. The alliance meeting held apart from JASAPA left the two constituencies of Bara vacant and allocated seats to other places on Friday night for election coordination.

The meeting of the alliance left the Nepali Congress in Bara Region No. 1, the Nepali Congress in the State Assembly 1(a) and the State Assembly 1(b) vacant.

Similarly, in Bara Region No. 4, the House of Representatives has fallen to the part of the United Socialist Party of Nepal. Similarly, 4 (a) CPN Maoist Center and 4 (b) Nepali Congress will get to the Provincial Assembly.

The meeting of the alliance has left Bara area no. 2 and 3 vacant. The alliance has kept vacant two areas of Bara claimed by JASAPA. But JASAPA became angry after not getting a seat as claimed in the alliance and left the alliance with the UML.

Despite keeping the House of Representatives vacant, the Congress has obtained Bara Region No. 3(A) CPN Maoist Center.