One polling station will be set up at Bara for provisional voters



November 11, 2022 10:06 pm

Simara: One polling center will be established in Bara for the temporary voters who will participate in the proportional voting in the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections to be held on Mansir 4.

While the Election Commission has approved 141 polling stations across the country for temporary voters, one out of twelve is going to be set up. As approved by the Election Commission, there will be a proportional polling station at the District Coordination Committee office in Kalaiya.

Employees and security personnel whose names are included in the final provisional voter list but who did not go to the polling station, people in old age homes, prisoners and prisoners in prisons except those serving election offenses will be allowed to vote for the proportional election system of the House of Representatives. Employees and security personnel assigned to the polling station by the Commission can vote from the polling station where they are assigned.

In order to be a provisional voter, a mandatory name must be included in the final voter list. After the constitution of Nepal issued in 2072, the system of voting by temporary voters is about to be implemented for the first time.