Commission’s directive to make polling stations inclusive and disabled friendly



November 11, 2022 10:09 pm

Simara: The Election Commission has instructed to make the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly member elections to be inclusive and disabled-friendly on Mansir 4. The Polling Station Inclusive and Disability Friendly Commission has given instructions to all the staff through the Chief Electoral Officer, Election Officer.

With the resolution to build an equitable society based on the principles of proportional inclusion and participation, the commission has instructed to organize all polling stations accordingly.

Instructions given by the commission to organize polling stations:

(1) When constructing a polling booth or placing a ballot box, it should not be placed in a very high place, but should be constructed or placed in such a way that even the disabled or senior citizen voters can cast their votes easily.

(2) Arranging resting places for pregnant, disabled, senior citizens, sick, children, and postpartum voters.

(3) When constructing the polling station, as far as possible, build it in such a way that it is convenient for the disabled, pregnant women, senior citizens, sick and disabled voters and ensure easy access for everyone.

(4) The polling officer shall give preference to pregnant, disabled, senior citizen, sick, infant, childbearing, women with children, persons with disabilities and other (sexual and sexual minority) voters.

(5) If a voter is blind or physically disabled or is unable to vote by themselves due to any other reason, requests the polling officer to assist them in marking the vote, and if the polling officer deems it appropriate, assist them in indicating his vote in the ballot paper of such voter according to his wish.

(6) Making the election information management system effective in a gender-friendly and inclusive manner.