There is no option for the employer company to join the SSF: Co-spokesperson Regmi



January 14, 2023 3:35 pm

Simara: The social security fund established for the welfare of workers has completed an interaction program with media workers of Bara and Parsa in Simara on Friday. An interactive program has been organized to inform about the purpose of establishing the fund and the benefits that workers can get from it.

In an interaction held at Hotel Shrestha Residency in Simara, Rohit Regmi, co-spokesperson of the fund, informed the media about the purpose of establishing the fund and the services that the workers will get from it. Co-spokesperson Regmi said that although the foundation of the fund has been established recently, the services provided by it for the welfare of the workers are very important.

Stating that it is important for all workers to understand the importance of the fund, Regmi said that even the employer company now has no choice but to cooperate with the social security fund. Regmi said that it is necessary for the employer company to cooperate with the fund due to the provision in the law.

Co-spokesman Regmi said that the workers associated with the fund are focusing on various schemes such as accident, medical treatment, physical disability, old age, pension, education of workers’ children, providing facilities to workers’ families. Regmi said that it is necessary to inform the workers about the services provided by the fund.

Assistant Director Keshavraj Gautam gave a welcome speech in the program presided over by Rishiraj Pandey, Head of Social Security Fund Simara branch. The administrative officer of the fund, Deepak Sedai, conducted the program.