The players played cricket on the street…



April 16, 2023 3:17 pm

Simara: Stump in the middle of a busy road. The player holding the bat in front of the stumps and the bowler ready to bowl on the other side. Fielders stationed around the road. Passengers are forced to watch this scene like a spectator with the sound of ‘Chowka’ echoing from the loud horn of the vehicle.

This scene seen in the main market of Simara Chowk on Saturday was no less than a playground. Locals and travelers were surprised to see the scene of the game in the middle of the road. This scene, which at first glance seems to be a violation of traffic rules, was aimed at the local government.

Rather than for entertainment, the cricket players made the road a pitch and field to put pressure on Jeetpursimara sub-metropolitan city. Despite repeated demands, after the local government refused, the cricket players played cricket in the streets as a protest.

This is not our desire, it is a necessity. If there was a field, who would want to come and play on the street?’ Ayush Neupane said, ‘We have come to the street to protest after not being heard even after repeated requests. ‘Ayush says that they met the city chief and informed him about the lack of ground, but he ignored.

“Arif and Ashif, who play with us, are playing for the country today, but we are asking for a playing field,” Dev told eShilalekh. What can be sadder than this?

Local youth Samrat Upadhyay has alleged that instead of addressing the demands of the players, the city chief Rajan Paudel is working to fight cricket and football players.

Jeetpursimara sub-metropolitan city chief Paudel said that discussions and processes are going on regarding making the Allare playground a cricket ground. City chief Paudel said that since football players are also using the field, the work is progressing to manage both games.

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