Traffic education to students



May 15, 2023 2:53 pm

Simara: Nepal Police Highway Safety and Traffic Management Office has completed an awareness program on traffic rules targeting students. The office has organized a traffic education program for the students of Holy Garden English Boarding School in Pathlaiya.

Office Police Assistant Inspector Deepak Basnet informed about 100 students of the school about the traffic rules. The office has organized an awareness program by going to the school to make the students aware, so that the home and the society will be aware.

In the awareness class, Basnet informed the students about the traffic rules to be followed after leaving the house and said that everyone’s role will be important in reducing accidents and damages. Basnet urged the students to be careful while traveling on the road, saying that if traffic rules are not followed, road and vehicle accidents may occur.

Basnet, who has been running the traffic awareness program, visited the school last time. They seem to be active in conducting traffic awareness programs. He has been conducting an awareness campaign by gathering motorists on the highway. Asking for time from the drivers, Basnet has asked them to help in reducing accidents and damages.

Through the Nepal Police Highway Safety and Traffic Management Office, Basnet had previously reached various units of the Armed Police Force and Gulm. Basnet conducted an awareness program in collaboration with the Armed Police Force, saying that the armed police stationed on the highway should also be informed about traffic rules.