Free health check-up by Alpine Hospital



June 18, 2023 1:52 pm

Simara: More than 800 people underwent health check-up at the free health camp organized by Alpine Hospital located in Jeetpursimara sub-metropolitan city 2. In the presence of expert doctors, 857 people, including 500 women, underwent health examination in the camp.

In the camp, children’s diseases, heart, blood pressure, joints, intoxication, childbirth, rheumatism, nose, ear, throat, eye, thyroid were treated free of charge by skilled doctors from Nepal and India. Dr. Krishna Adhikari, Dr. Prashant Karna, Dr. Pushparaj Adhikari, Dr. Ujwal Das, Dr. Anil Pukar Shah, Dr. Simpal Gupta, Dr. Prakash Shah, Dr. Shaileshkumar Shah, Dr. Babita Chaudhary, Dr. Abhishek Thakur, Dr. Navin Lekhak, Dr. Slesma Rizal,  Dr. Nilmani Priyadarshi, Dr. Jitendra Giri  and including 16 Doctors conducted the health examination.

In the camp, the doctor did a health check-up and gave counseling. The camp was organized in the presence of 16 expert doctors at one place. Locals gathered to check their health.

Director of Alpine Hospital Shiv Kumar Sharma said that a large health camp has been organized to treat various health related problems at one place. He said that the health camp will be continued in the future and according to the needs of the clients, the hospital will provide health services in the presence of expert doctors. In addition, the free check-up and discount facilities will continue until the end of Asadh.