Sarraf murder case: police released five people to the public



November 1, 2023 5:47 pm

Kalaiya: The district police office held a press conference on Wednesday regarding the ongoing investigation into the murder case of Rupesh Sarraf, the owner of Bal Ekta Boarding School in Kalaiya. Sarraf was shot dead on Monday afternoon. Out of the eight people directly involved in the murder, the police arrested five people and released them to the public.

Superintendent of Police Suresh Kafle informed that Radha Gupta of Kalaiya 2, Jaber Akhtar, Chandan Yadav, Riyaz Ansari and Abhinav Kumar Singh are arrested. Police said that the main accused and mastermind Manoj Gupta is absconding.

According to SP Kafle, Sarraf was deeply in love with the arrested woman for a long time. The woman who was in love with Sarraf was also in a relationship with another man. The police said that Sarraf’s murder was planned because of his love affair with a woman and the person who shot Sarraf was a professional shooter.

Although there are 8 people directly involved in the murder, five people are under investigation and more people are being interrogated, the police said.