Motorcyclist dies in Jeetpur due to sumo collision



January 3, 2024 2:31 pm

Simara: A youth died when a sumo hit a motorcycle in Jeetpur, Bara on Tuesday evening. A young man died when a sumo hit a motorcycle that was stopped on the highway at Jeetpursimara 7.

Bara Police Spokesperson Dadhiram Neupane has informed that 25-year-old Deepak Narayan Sharma of Birgunj Metropolitan Municipality-32, died due to the collision of Sumo. A motorcycle numbered NA59P which was stopped at the zebra crossing near the road leading from Jeetpur to Bakulia was hit by a sumo numbered NA1J 3527. Locals say that Sharma, who was seriously injured in the collision, died during treatment. Police have arrested 45-year-old Sukeshwar Raibar of Bara Prasauni 5, the driver of the sumo that hit the motorcycle.