Two complaints registered against Bamjan in Bara police



January 15, 2024 2:01 pm

Simara: Two complaints have been filed against Ram Bahadur Bamjan, who is known as an ascetic, in the Bara police. The families of Suresh Ale Magar of Jeetpursimara and Rita Wot of Rautahat, who have been missing for a long time, filed a complaint against Bamjan.

Superintendent of Police Suresh Kafle of District Police Office Bara said that a complaint has been registered against Bamjan related to killing and disappearance. It has been alleged in the complaint that Suresh, who was the main aide, had killed Wot in the ashram located in Halkhoriya.

Suresh’s disappearance was reported to the Bara police in 2075 as well. The administration did not show interest in the complaint filed by Suresh’s father Hasta Bahadur Ale Magar at that time. After Bamjan was caught by the CIB, Suresh’s family filed a complaint again.

Suresh is from Jeetpursimara Sub-Metropolitan City 18,  Badharwa. He was Bamjan’s main supporter and follower. Suresh has been out of contact since the second week of Jetha 2072.

Rita of Sarlahi Bagmati municipality, Kaziram tole has been missing since the end of 2066. Wot family has demanded action against Bamjan saying that Rita was killed in Halkhoriya ashram.

There is an allegation against Bamjan that apart from Suresh and Rita, three other people also disappeared. Bamjan is now in custody as per the order of Sarlahi District Court. Bamjan was arrested by the police from Kathmandu on 24th of Push.