Pachrauta Municipality awarded one lakh to students who passed SEE with highest marks



February 15, 2024 3:33 pm

Pachrauta: The students who passed the SEE exam with highest marks were honored by the Pachrauta Municipality with one lakh on Wednesday. The municipality honored student Sahil Patel as an incentive for bringing the best in the district in terms of technology in the 2079 SEE examination.

On the occasion of Saraswati Puja, during a program organized by Nepal National Secondary School in Benauli, Municipal Mayor Jalandhar Singh and Deputy Mayor Nasima Khatun handed over a cheque of one lakh to student Patel. Handing over the cheque, Mayor Singh said that the students were encouraged to pursue higher education. 

Mayor Singh said that a prosperous city cannot be imagined without education and the municipality is giving priority to educational development. Mayor Singh said that the municipality will provide encouragement to the students who excel in the field of education and also provide scholarships to the manpower who are becoming skilled by studying technical education.

Singh had earlier handed over a cheque of Rs 10/10 lakh to two students studying MBBS. As an incentive, Mayor Singh handed over a cheque of Rs 10 lakh to Nisha Chaurasiya of Pacharauta 5 and Anshu Raj of Ward No. 1 saying that two manpower is being produced in the health sector within the municipality. Before that, Singh had given five lakhs to Prasansha Kumari Yadav, who was studying radiography, as a study scholarship.

Mukesh Kumar Singh, co-coordinator of the education branch, informed that while honoring the best students in the field of education, the mayor Singh honored Patel, who passed out from the school in Piparpati. In the cheque handover program,  Ward president of ward no.5 Lakshmi Yadav and others were present.