Orientation completed to ensure the safety of the cleaning workers of Jeetpursimara



February 21, 2024 6:35 pm

Simara: A one-day orientation program was completed in Simara on Tuesday to ensure the safety of the cleaning workers of Jeetpursimara sub-metropolitan city. The program was completed under the coordination of Lalitpur Occupational Safety and Health Center and the coordination of the sub-metropolitan city.

40 sanitation workers working in the field of sanitation within the sub-metropolitan municipality participated in the orientation program. In the program, there was a discussion on identifying and minimizing the possible risks that may occur during cleaning, creating a safe workplace and creating a spontaneous working environment, selecting and using personal protective equipment according to the nature of the work, and presenting a worksheet on first aid.

In the discussion, Satish Upadhyay the trainer of the center, Ravi Bhaskar, head of the sub-metropolitan health department, facilitated the participants on making the workplace safe. Under the chairmanship of Upadhyay and the main hospitality of Rajan Paudel the head of the sub-metropolitan city, the spokesperson of the city Bhoj Bahadur Khatri, the head of the revenue branch of the sub-metropolitan city Ramesh Subedi, Usha Budhathoki and others were present in the event.

Stating that the workplace of cleaners should be safe in the event, Mayor Paudel expressed his gratitude to the organizers for organizing the event keeping in mind the safety of cleaners. Mayor Paudel said that the sub-metropolitan municipality will provide assistance as needed regarding the safety of the cleaners.