Parsa police arrested two people with pistols



February 23, 2024 3:32 pm

Birgunj: Parsa police arrested two people with one pistol on Wednesday night. The police arrested them from the road located in Bahudarmai Municipality 9.

Parsa Police Spokesman Dhruba Kumar Shrestha has informed that the arrested are 43-year-old Dipendra Giri of Kalikamai Rural Municipality 5 and 37-year-old Shivpujan Mukhiya of Pokhariya Municipality 9.

Spokesman Shrestha said that a pistol was recovered from Giri’s jacket when he stopped and checked a motorcycle numbered NA12P 4971 based on a special information. Spokesman Shrestha informed that after the pistol was found, the police arrested Mukhiya, who was riding behind him along with Giri, and started an investigation into the crime related to weapons.