The land that has been occupied for 60 years is registered in someone else’s name



February 23, 2024 3:35 pm

Kalaiya: 23 families have lost their lives after the settlement land, which they have been enjoying for 60 years, was registered in someone else’s name. It has been found that the land of one settlement living in Baraiya Tole located in Mahagadhimai Municipality 2 has been registered in the name of another.

After learning that the land they are living in has been registered in someone else’s name, the locals organized a press conference on Thursday and demanded the return of the land. According to the locals, they used to live on a land of seven kattha and one dhur of Bariyarpur VDC block no. 413.

Local Rameshwar Mahato has informed in a press conference that the land where they are living is now registered in the name of Mangal Raut Barai. According to Mahato, the land was given to local residents by Birbhadra Bikram Shah. Shah has passed away now.

Barai, working as Munshi of Shah, registered the land in his name in 2042. After learning that Barai had registered the land in his own name, the Shah family instructed that it should be registered in the local name and Barai was also saying that it would be returned.

But after the death of Shah, the land could not come in the name of the locals. Many have started to say that they bought the land. The locals have demanded the administration to return the land they have been enjoying for more than 6 decades.