Bara police arrested a person playing a loud DJ



March 13, 2024 6:06 pm

Simara: Bara police arrested a person who was playing a loud DJ in a public place. Dadhiram Neupane, spokesperson of the District Police Office Bara, said that the police arrested three people including the band of Nepal Sunil Band Kalaiya Bara on Monday while playing a DJ at a loud volume causing noise pollution.

According to the police, Manaubar Miyan resident of Ward No. 9, Rampur, Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan City, was arrested along with the DJ system of Nepal Sunil Band Kalaiya Band and a pickup vehicle No. NA 3CHA 8313.

According to the police, Munna Kumar Sah, who lives in Ward No. 20 of Jeetpursimara Sub-Metropolitan City and Mohit Chaudhary, who lives in Ward No. 12 are arrested from a different DJ band. Spokesman Neupane said that while the DJ was playing loudly, the pick-up vehicle number LU 1H 3333 was taken into custody and the necessary investigation process was carried forward.

The District Police Office, Bara, said that noise pollution is affecting the social environment and human health.

In the press release issued by the Deputy Superintendent of Police and Spokesman Dadhiram Neupane, it has been mentioned that the problem is arising due to the increasing use of DJs, and it has been mentioned that DJs should not be used from now on and if they do, they will be punished according to the law.