Another tiger was found dead in Bara



March 21, 2024 2:24 pm

Simara: A tiger was found dead in Tamagadhi community forest area of ​​Kolhabi municipality 2 of Bara on Tuesday afternoon. A two-year-old female tiger was found dead with severe head injuries.

It is suspected that the tiger, which was found in the community forest area under Kolhabi sub-division, may have died five days ago. A team of forest office and park technicians have taken the ‘sample’ of the dead tiger found.

The forest office staff said that the cause of the tiger’s death can be revealed only after the ‘sample’ test. Two weeks ago, a tiger was found dead in the Kachhadiya forest area of ​​Bara’s Nijgadh 4. The cause of the tiger that was found dead in the Kachhadiya forest on Tuesday, Fagun 22, is yet to be revealed.

Along with this, five tigers have died in Bara in the last three years. Earlier, a tiger died while being treated in Parsa National Park in the second week of Falgun, while a tiger was found dead in Kashadia forest of Nijgadh on 22nd of Falgun and on 14th Ashoj 2079 in Terai-Madhes (expressway). Similarly, on 18th Push 2077, a tiger died due to a car collision in Pathalaiya-Amlekhgunj.