Various program organised on the ocassion of 66th Police Day in Bara



October 9, 2021 10:21 am

Simara: Bara Police has organized various programs on the occasion of the 66th Police Day. Taking the day as a special day, the police offices across the district have organized various programs.

The District Police Office, Bara, organized a large program in Kalaiya. Under the chief hospitality of Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Katuwal, the office discussed the security situation, challenges and other issues and also honored the relatives of Immortal police and media persons.

On this occasion, Chief of Jawala Dal Bhupendra Godar, Bara Police Chief Dipendra Shahi, Armed Police Superintendent Rabin Raj Karnajit, District Attorney Juddha Bahadur Ale, Deputy Superintendent of Police Gautam Mishra and representatives of various political parties and social organizations were present.

Similarly, On the occasion of Police Day, Area Police Office Simara has cleaned the premises of Musarnimai Temple in Jitpursimara Sub-Metropolis-2. Deputy Superintendent of Police Manojit Kumar and other police officers of the office have cleaned up.

The Area Police Office, Nijgadh has also cleaned the market area during the day. The office has carried out the clean-up in collaboration with various organizations including Nijgadh Municipality, Lions Club of Nijgadh, Lions Club of Nijgadh Peace, Mechi Mahakali Buhari Samyukta Awaj.

Similarly, Area Police Office, Kolhabi has organized a tree planting program. Police including Inspector Shekhar Kumar Sah have planted trees inside the office premises.