Tree plantation by Lions Club on the occasion of World Environment Day



June 7, 2024 2:20 pm

Simara: Lions Club of Kalaiya has planted trees on the occasion of World Environment Day. Lions Club has planted trees at Siddheshwar sports complex located in Kalaiya 3.

According to Subhas Jaiswal, second vice president of Lions Club, 100 plants of various species including Ashok and Tick were planted.

Club president Bharat Agarwal presided over the event and club officials and members including secretary Suryajit Singh, treasurer Brijkishor Shah and players of Kalaiya Cricket Club were present.

On the occasion of Environment Day, Lions Club of Simara Jagran also planted trees at Simara Rangashala. Binod Sapkota, Rajdas Shrestha and others were present in the program chaired by club president Yuvraj Paudel.