Hetauda stunned,  NRT enters semifinals



March 28, 2022 4:20 pm

Simara: New Road Team (NRT) Jagdamba has entered the semifinals of the 12th Jeetpur Simara Gold Cup. NRT entered the last four by stunning Bijay Youth Club Hetauda 3-1 in a match played at Simara Stadium on Saturday.

Masuki Ehini Alomo scored twice and Stephen Sameer scored once in NRT’s victory. Bimal Rana Magar scored for Hetauda. The match was postponed to extra time after both teams drew 1-1 in the scheduled time of the competitive match.

In extra time, NRT added two more goals and managed to reach the final stage of the competition. Hetauda, ​​which had a great start against A Division Club NRT, could not cope and was forced to suffer defeat. Unable to maintain the lead in the game, Hetauda returned home with a 3-1 victory.

In the 18 th minute of the match, Bimal Rana Magar scored an excellent goal for Hetauda through a header. Bimal scored using Amir Shrestha’s pass. Hetauda, ​​who was excited by his goal, could not handle it and immediately equalized. NRT’s Masuki made good use of the 23rd Bishal Tamang’s cross ball. His goal made the game 1-1.

Hetauda, ​​who started the offensive game against NRT, could not maintain the excellent rhythm. Bimal Rana Magar of Hetauda, ​​who had the support of the home crowd, wasted some chances in the first half. Against Hetauda, ​​NRT had an excellent pass in the second half.

NRT, along with Hetauda’s Ranjan Bisht, created many opportunities but failed to finish. Unable to seize the opportunity in the 60th minute, NRT struggled for extra time to win.

Hetauda goalkeeper Ashok Baral defended the free kick from outside the box by Masuki of NRT. Deepesh’s excellent strike hit the crossbar and was cleared by Hetauda players. In the 66 th minute of the match, Hetauda goalkeeper Ashok Baral saved the free kick kicked by NRT’s Ranjan Bisht from outside the box.

In a competitive and exciting game between the two teams, the game was pushed to extra time as both teams missed some opportunities. Within minutes of extra time, NRT took the lead. Masuki scored the second goal for both the individual and the team.

Hetauda looked under pressure as NRT got excited by Masuki’s goal. In the 25th minute of extra time, NRT scored the third goal to ease the victory. Stephen Sameer of NRT scored the winning goal in a one-on-one situation to give the team a 3-1 victory.

Masuki, who scored two goals in NRT’s victory, was declared Man of the Match. He has received five thousand including the trophy. The competition will be played on Sunday between Himalayan Sherpa Club and Divisional Team APF Club.

The winner of the ongoing competition organized by Nawa Janajagriti Youth Club will get Rs. 10 Lakhs and the runner-up will get Rs. 5 Lakhs. The competition will be conducted till Chaitra 19.