Jagdamba Jeetpursimara Gold Cup: Organizer Nawa Janajagriti enters in Semifinals



March 29, 2022 9:19 pm

Simara: Organizer Nawa Janajagriti Youth Club Jagdamba has entered the semifinals of the 12th Jeetpur Simara Gold Cup by stunning Dhangadhi’s Sudurpaschim 11.

In the match played at Simara Stadium on Monday, Janajagriti got an exciting 1-0 victory over Sudurpaschim. Sunil Khadka scored the decisive goal in the competitive match. Sunil’s attractive goal in the 50th minute of the match was the winning goal for Janajagriti.

The organizers looked strong as they took to the field with the players of A division club including the locals at the home ground. The journey to the Sudurpaschim, which got off to a great start by defeating Friends Club of A Division 3-1 in the inaugural match, ended after a clash with the organizers.

The Simara Stadium was packed with domestic spectators to watch the organizers’ game. The organizers, who did not let more than 5,000 domestic spectators down, performed a commendable game against the Sudurpaschim.

When Sudurpaschim lost an opportunity at the beginning of the game, the team that came to Bara became frustrated. Vinod KC missed an excellent opportunity in the second minute of the game for Sudurpaschim. He could not use the force he got inside the box. Binod, who could not control the ball, lost the opportunity to take the lead against the organizers as he could not make an attractive attack.

After losing the first opportunity, Sudurpaschim could not create a good opportunity. The organizers then appeared in rhythm. In the 10th minute of the match, the shot of the organizer Sunil Khadka came out from above the crossbar. Soon Sunil missed another opportunity. Sunil missed a goal on a pass from Dona Thapa beating the Sudurpaschim defender. His attack looked weak.

Donna Thapa and Hemant Thapa Magar, who are known to play for A Division Club, were seen on the field by the organizers and lost another opportunity in the 27th minute of the match. Donna’s cross ball was not used well by Mohit Gurung. Coach Sonu Chhetri had included two foreign players in the team.

Goalkeeper Santosh Mahat thwarted an opportunity given to Sudurpaschim in the 34th minute of the match. Mahat easily controlled Sudurpaschim’s Pasang Lama’s shot in the 34th minute of the match.

Players from the Sudurpaschim failed to break through the defensive line held by two players of African descent. Janajagriti had an excellent performance in the second half as well. At the beginning of the second half, the organizers took the lead in the game. The ball struck by Sunil Khadka from about 30 yards out was kisses the net. Sudurpaschim’s goalkeeper Akash Budha moved forward. By taking advantage of the opportunity Sunil hit the ball from a distance. 

Enthusiastic organizers by Sunil’s goal missed some opportunities after that . In the 83rd minute of the match, Dona Thapa’s excellent shot was controlled by Sudurpaschim goalkeeper Akash Budha. Although Donna scored in the first half and second half of the match, referee Navindra Maharjan did not recognize it. Both of his goals were declared offside.

Sudurpaschim, which looked aggressive towards the end of the game, wasted some opportunities and the organizers got the first victory in the competition. The Sudurpaschim team manager received a red card during the added 90 minutes of injury time. After an argument with the referee, Navindra Maharjan showed a red card and sent manager Anil Kathayat out of the field.

Sunil Khadka, who scored the decisive goal against Sudurpaschim, was declared Man of the Match. He received a trophy and five thousand cash prizes. The organizers will now compete with NRT for the final entry.