In Jeetpursimara, the Congress will not accept the alliance and will contest the election alone



April 16, 2022 9:33 pm

Simara: Although the ruling five-party alliance has decided to move ahead with the local elections in a coordinated manner, its implementation at the local level has been difficult.

Although the coalition has adopted a policy of coordination and decision-making through local bodies, there has been opposition at the local level. Leaders and cadres of the parties affiliated to the alliance are seen in favor of not accepting if there is coordination and division against the sentiments of the cadres.

While the coalition leadership is deciding to move forward together, the Nepali Congress has announced to contest the election alone in Jitpursimara sub-metropolis. The Nepali Congress has already announced that it will go to the polls alone after seeing signs of coordination by giving key posts to the CPN-Maoist in Jitpursimara sub-metropolis.

Nepali Congress Bara Constituency No. 4 (a) and Jitpursimara Municipal Committee have decided to contest the election alone and not by forming an alliance. Congress 4 (a) president Suman Kumar Bhattarai said that the party would contest the election alone rather than the coalition as it was able to contest the election alone.

Similarly, Jitpursimara Municipal Committee Chairman Chhavilal Sharma said that the party has decided not to coordinate with anyone and to go to the polls alone. Stating that the candidate of another party cannot be accepted in the name of alliance, Sharma said that he has decided to go to the polls alone to save the existence of the party.