In Kolhabi, UML’s four wards are unanimous, while others have many aspirants



April 16, 2022 9:50 pm

Simara: Candidates for the local level election have been unanimously selected in four out of 11 wards of Kolhabi Municipality.

The ward committee has unanimously recommended the name of one person in wards 2, 3, 5 and 7 of Kolhabi.  Gopal Adhikari of Ward no.2  has been selected as the unanimous candidate. Adhikari is the ward chairman elected in the 2074 election.

Stating that the more aspiring ward has been given time to reconsider, Mayor Chaudhary said that they have been informed to send the names of three people if not unanimously. City President Chaudhary , He is also the ward president of 6 wards. He said that he has decided not to repeat it in the ward this time. Chaudhary, who has put forward himself as an aspirant for mayor, has said that he will move forward considering the party’s decision as the final decision.

The names of the current mayor Bharat Bahadur Bhandari, city chairman Chaudhary, Govind Poudel, Dhundi Raj Upreti, Shiv Narayan Chaudhary and others are being discussed in Kolhabi municipality. Bhandari, who was elected mayor in 2074 BS, has expressed his desire to repeat it once again. The names of current Deputy Chief Sunaina Devi Tharuni, Gyanu KC, Kalyani Bimli and Kalyani Chaudhary are being discussed.

Similarly, Ram Prasad Chaudhary, Basanta Chaudhary and Muralidhar Chaudhary from Nepali Congress have shown aspiration. Muralidhar Chaudhary is the leading candidate in the 2074 election. The names of Devendra Parajuli and Amrit Jiyar are being discussed at the CPN-Maoist center.