UML to promote women in Jeetpursimara-14, Gurung unanimously



April 16, 2022 9:53 pm

Simara: CPN (UML) in Jeetpursimara sub-metropolitan ward no.14, women will be promoted for the post of ward chairman.

A meeting of the ward committee held on Friday unanimously decided to nominate Gurung. With the decision to make a unanimous recommendation, it seems certain that Gurung will be the candidate for the post of ward chairman.

The other four members of the ward will be decided on Saturday. The district committee will decide on the names recommended by the ward committee.

Gurung, who is unanimous, is a member of the UML provincial committee and a central member of the National Federation of People’s Culture of Nepal. After Gurung showed aspiration for the post of ward chairman at the meeting of the ward committee, an agreement was reached in her name.