Distributing food to the old age, the youth set up ‘Hamro Foundation’.



May 3, 2022 11:27 pm

Simara: The youths of Simara have started an organization called Hamro Foundation by distributing food to the old age home in Pathalaiya on the occasion of  Matatirtha Aussi.

The organization, established for the purpose of social service, was started by distributing food in the old age home. The youths have started the organization by distributing food and fruits to the old people in the old age home.

Representatives of various political parties including the youth of the foundation, State Inspector of Traffic Police Office Pathalaiya Dinesh Kharel  and others participated in the food distribution program. The organization had distributed food and fruits worth Rs 25,000 to the old age.

On the same occasion, the Foundation celebrated “Matatirtha Aussi” by cutting a cake with the old age. Chairman of the foundation Sunod Dhakal said that the service of the organization was started remembering the old age parents.

Twelve youths from Simara are participating in the organization. Secretary Samir Luitel conducted the program under the chairmanship of Foundation Chairman Dhakal.

Photos: Hamro Foundation