Separate candidates of  the coalition parties in the ward of Jeetpursimara,  Intense competition in the ward



May 3, 2022 11:30 pm

Simara: In Jeetpursimara sub-metropolitan city, there is intense competition among the parties in the five-party alliance. After failing to coordinate in the wards as per the central decision, the coalition parties have fielded separate candidates in the wards.

The Maoist center, which is seeking votes from the coalition parties and cadres for key posts, seems to be competing with the same parties in Ward. Candidates from Maoist Center, Nepali Congress, Janata Samajwadi Party, Ekikrit Samajwadi and Rastriya Janamorcha are competing in the ward.

Another party in the alliance, the Nepali Congress, has fielded candidates in 22 of the 24 wards of the sub-metropolis. As per the decision of the central alliance, the Congress has given its candidature only for the post of deputy chief.

The CPN-Maoist, which has fielded candidates for the post of mayor as per the central decision of the coalition, is contesting the election by fielding separate candidates in 17 wards of the sub-metropolis. The Maoists are competing with other parties in the alliance in 17 wards, including 10 wards elected at the local level in 2074 BS.

The other three parties in the alliance, the Ekikrit Samajwadi, have fielded candidates in 11 wards, the Janata Samajwadi Party in 10 wards and the Rastriya Janamorcha in three wards. After the parties in the alliance failed to agree on the distribution, they have become rivals in Ward Level.

The UCPN (M) had claimed 13 wards in the meeting of the coalition which had repeatedly met for distribution. Other parties, including the Nepali Congress, disagreed after the UCPN (M) claimed key posts in several wards. The Congress had argued that the Maoists, who had won key posts, should not claim in many wards. However, after the Maoists took a stand not to leave the ward, all the parties have finally clashed separately.

In the meeting, the Congress had presented the basis for getting 15 wards including the deputy chief, while the Janata Samajwadi had claimed 12, the Ekikrit Samajwadi 10 and the Janamorcha 3. After failing to reach an agreement in the meeting held several times, the parties have started competing separately.