We will distribute voter ID cards in Jeetpursimara from Baishakh 27: Assistant Election Officer



May 8, 2022 12:07 pm

Simara: The Office of the Election Officer in Jeetpursimara Sub-metropolis has stated that voter identity cards will be distributed from  Baishakh 27.

Assistant Election Officer Balaram Khadka informed that arrangements have been made to distribute identity cards from the polling stations to the voters who have not received their identity cards. According to Khadka, the assigned staff will be deployed at the polling station from Baishakh 27 and identity cards will be distributed at the same place.

“The office of the Chief Electoral Officer is making final preparations to deploy staff at the polling station,” Khadka told eShilalekh. “Accordingly, the employees will be distributed identity cards on Baishakh 27 and 28.” According to Khadka, the Election Commission has not yet decided whether voters without voter ID cards will be allowed to cast their ballots.

Stating that the commission has decided that voting can be done on the basis of citizenship one day before the polling in the previous local level election, Khadka said that the decision may be taken accordingly this time as well.

Preparation of polling station

Assistant Election Officer Khadka said that they are engaged in final preparations for the election. Stating that 89 polling stations within the sub-metropolis have been monitored and managed, Khadka said that work is underway to manage the polling stations.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer has designated the building of Nepal National Secondary School in Simara as the polling station. Khadka informed that the designated polling station will be decided by the representatives of the political parties.

Adherence to code of conduct and silence period

Assistant Election Officer Khadka said that a letter has been sent to the candidates of political parties to draw their attention to the election code of conduct.

Khadka said that political parties and candidates should be serious about following the code of conduct as there could be incidents of violation of the code of conduct as the election draws near.

According to Khadka, the Office of the Returning Officer is coordinating to stop the sale and distribution of alcohol during the silence period from night 12’o clock to 48 hours on Baishakh 27.

Khadka informed that discussions are underway with the Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs Association and Jeetpursimara Chamber of Commerce and Industry to stop the sale and distribution of alcohol from hotels and other shops during the silence period.