Deputy Chief Officer of Jeetpursimara took over the post



May 28, 2022 11:26 pm

Simara: Bhola Prasad Adhikari, Deputy Chief of Jeetpursimara Sub-Metropolitan, has taken charge on Monday. Adhikari has been reinstated after taking oath in a program organized in the sub-metropolis.

At the retirement of the sub-metropolis, the city chief Dr. Krishna Poudel had appointed the deputy chief officer. Inaugurating the post, the Deputy Chief Officer said that he is committed to work according to the wishes of the people of the sub-metropolis. Stating that the responsibility of the deputy chief is wide, the official said that he will launch a campaign to make it an excellent city.

Newly elected city Chief Rajan Poudel, Chief Administrative Officer Chet Kumar Pokharel and others were present on the occasion.