Shrestha’s dragon fruit farming with politics



June 29, 2022 3:18 pm

Simara: CPN-UML leader Ek Bahadur Shrestha of Bara Nijgadh is not limited to daily politics. He is also a member of the UML’s Madhes Pradesh Committee and is attracted to commercial farming along with Shrestha politics.

Shrestha, who has been doing politics for a long time, is currently engaged in dragon fruit farming which he started two years ago at Bhamrotal in Nijgadh-7. Shrestha plans to promote the best dragon fruit farming as a campaign, which is also considered as a very important fruit for health.

Interested in agriculture, he was attracted to dragon fruit farming after consulting an expert. The farm started by Shrestha at a cost of around Rs 22 Lakhs is now producing. Shrestha is happy when four hundred plants planted on 15 acres of land begin to bear fruit.

Dragon fruit and cucumber grown in Shrestha’s field.

“Farming started two years ago is now bearing fruit. I am happy,” said Shrestha. I have even started sending the produced fruits to the market. ‘

He is even promoting the farming started in Nijgadh for the first time. He said that it was important for every citizen to take care of their health, adding that everyone could benefit if they could cultivate it. He used to take the visitors from outside including Nijgadh to show the farm and send them away after feeding them fruits.

“Many people don’t know about farming, everyone needs to understand,” said Shrestha. “It benefits health as well as income.” So I’m in a campaign to promote it. ‘

Even though the production has just started, the annual income from Dragon Fruit can be more than Rs 150,000 per stick, says Shrestha. Stating that dragon fruit is more important to fight against cancer, sugar and other diseases, Shrestha said that the market price is also a bit higher.

He said that the fruit can be harvested for 25 years from the dragon fruit farm which will start producing fruits two years after planting. Out of the 400 plants planted by him, fruit is being produced from 250 plants. He said that he can become self-reliant in the country as other vegetables can be produced in the area where dragon fruit is planted without much protection.

“The number of foreigners looking for employment is increasing. It is also important to convey the message that we can become self-reliant in agriculture by staying at home, ”he said. It should be promoted as a campaign. ‘