Theft at the cooperative office in Badharwa, about Rs. 13 Lakh was stolen overnight



July 6, 2022 7:38 pm

Simara: A burglary has taken place at the office of Sana Kisan Krishi Sahakari Sanstha Limited at Jitpursimara-18. More than Rs.12 Lakh 74 Thousand was stolen from the office on Sunday night.

The burglar broke into the office building in the middle of the night and turned off the CCTV camera and power line. According to the office, the video was captured on CCTV until he entered the office and turned off the CCTV camera.

Manager Pushparaj Khatiwada informed that the thief turned off the camera and electricity as soon as he entered the building and the money was stolen by breaking various locks installed for security.

According to Khatiwada, the thief entered the building through the back door and stole only cash except the check submitted by the farmer and the office computer and laptop.

Employees were informed about the theft in the office only on Monday morning. The office assistant had informed the others when he found out about the theft while opening the office. The police team that arrived after the incident has started investigation.