Dengue infection in 9 out of 12 people, request of public health office to be alert



September 15, 2022 12:59 pm

Simara: Dengue infection has been observed in nine out of twelve people. According to the District Public Health Office, infection was found in nine people during the blood test of 28 people.

Among the infected, there are five from sub-metropolitan city of Kalaiya, two from Srimaungarh, one each from Kolhbi municipality and Adarshkotwal village.

Some of the infected have returned from Kathmandu and some are living in the district. The hospital sent the public health office for examination after the patient who came to the hospital feeling unwell showed symptoms of dengue.

Ram Naresh Yadav, Acting Head of Public Health Office, said that nine people have been found infected in the tests conducted in the last one week. Yadav has said that apart from coming in contact with the office, the number of dengue infected people is in the district.

Yadav informed that as the dengue infection started to increase, they are going to write to the local level in the district to organize cleanliness and awareness programs. Yadav has asked to pay attention to the pits around the house, to prevent water from freezing in the rent and to pay attention to cleanliness.

Symptoms of dengue infection include headache, fever, nausea, and fatigue.