Pyasi, who is serving his sentence for the murder of UML leader Alam, is freed from jail



September 19, 2022 11:49 pm

Simara: Ramchandra Kushwaha Pyasi, who was serving a prison sentence for the murder of CPN-UML leader and the then central president of the Muslim Ittehad Organization, Mahmud Alam, has been released from prison.

On the occasion of Constitution Day, Pyasi was freed from prison after the President waived the prison sentence on the recommendation of the government. Pyasi was serving a life sentence in a jail in Birgunj.

Pyasi, who was freed from jail, was welcomed by his family and supporters at Birgunj jail on Monday. After it was confirmed that the murder of Alam was planned by him, the interim bench of Janakpur Birgunj sentenced Payasi to life imprisonment.

The court also sentenced Manoj Pandey, the motorcyclist involved in Alam’s murder along with Pyasi, to life imprisonment, while the other criminals, Bipin Yadav, Atiq Khan and Raju Srivastava, were sentenced to 10 years.

Alam was murdered on Asoj 18, 2070. Alam was shot by a person who came on a motorcycle while he was walking in the election campaign. Alam, who was injured in the shooting, died on Asoj 24 during treatment.

Bara Area No.4 Alam was shot 24 hours after he registered his candidacy for the House of Representatives. Alam, who died during treatment, was cremated on Asoj 25.

The main planner of the event was Pyasi

Ramchandra Pyasi, who was also a former member of CPN-UML, was the main planner of the incident. When the party did not give him the ticket and gave it to Alam, he planned to kill and escape the ticket. But Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police arrested Pyasi on 2070 Kartik 9 from Simara.

The police arrested Pyasi after finding evidence that Pyasi was involved in Alam’s murder. On 15th Baisakh 2073, District Court Bara sentenced Payasi to 10 years of imprisonment after being arrested on the charge of murdering Alam.

Alam’s wife Nejma filed a writ in the High Court on 3rd Kartik 2073 against the imprisonment verdict. Deciding on the writ, the High Court sentenced him to life imprisonment.