Modest personality Devnarayan : Unopposed repeating



September 23, 2022 4:00 pm

Simara: Devnarayan Chaudhary, who has a single recommendation for the House of Representatives, has won Bara Election from area no.4 is almost certain. Chaudhary, who was defeated in the 2074 election, will be promoted as an unopposed candidate again in area no 4. The fact that  UML leaders and activists are ready has made his candidacy certain.

In the previous election, Chaudhary, who had a modest personality, was defeated by the then Rastriya Janata Party (currently LOSPA) candidate Ekwal Mian by about 1,668 votes.While Miyan got 22,275 votes, Chaudhary got 20,608 votes.

Choudhary, who was active in the party after losing the election, was unanimously recommended as a candidate for the second time, gaining everyone’s consent. With a single recommendation, he is busy with election strategy. Chowdhury, who is the outgoing president of UML Bara and is currently a member of the provincial committee, was defeated in the Bhawanipur Jitpur village president. Choudhary, who has been active in politics along with his teaching profession and has become the village president, has been only in charge of the party since then.

After getting an opportunity after a long time, he became a candidate in the previous election but was defeated by a small margin. If Choudhary gets the ticket on Area No.4th, it is expected that he will get sympathetic votes not only from UMA but also from other parties and independent citizens.