The greeting exchange program of  Koseli Youth Club completed



September 30, 2022 10:25 am

Simara: Koseli Youth Club, a youth organization active in Hulas located in Jitpursimara-2, completed the greeting exchange program on Tuesday. On the occasion of Vijayadashami, the club organized a greeting exchange program.

The program was attended by representatives of various political parties, people’s representatives, representatives of social organizations, youth and locals. The participants of the felicitation program said that the youth’s activism in social activities will be very important.

In the event, Manoj Paudel, a member of the secretariat of CPN-UML Bara, praised the youth for doing various creative activities in sports and society through Koseli Youth Club. Leader Paudel said that the role of the youth will be important for the transformation of the society according to the times, and said that the campaign of sustainable development and the building of a strong society can be carried forward with the activism of the youth.

Paudel, who is also an aspirant for the provincial assembly member from Bara area No. 4 (a) in the state assembly election, said that for building a beautiful society, the spirit of youth should be included rather than depreciated.

Youth Prakash Dhungana facilitated the program under the chairmanship of club president Dadhir Pyakurel.