35-day ‘ultimatum’ to remove unauthorized structure



September 30, 2022 10:33 am

Simara: Jitpursimara sub-metropolitan city has issued a notice to remove unauthorized structures of organizations operating on public land without completing the legal process.

The Deputy Metropolitan Municipality issued a notice on Wednesday and gave a 35-day ultimatum to remove the physical structures built on public land without completing the legal process.

The notice mentions that social organizations, clubs, cooperatives and private schools should submit their details to the office of the sub-metropolitan city if they have completed the legal process and remove such structures if they have not completed the legal process.

In the notice issued by Chet Kumar Pokharel, the chief administrative officer of the sub-metropolitan city, it is mentioned that if the structure of the organization that is in operation is not removed without completing the legal process, the action will be taken according to section (39) of the Local Government Operation Act, 2074.