‘Time card’ for passenger buses in Madhes province



September 30, 2022 10:44 am

Simara: Aiming at Dashain, Tihar and Chhath, the Nepal Police Highway Safety and Traffic Management Office at Pathlaiya in Bara has implemented time cards in eight districts of Madhes province. In order to reduce traffic and road accidents, the office has implemented time cards on passenger buses from Wednesday night.

During the festival, the highway will be busier than other times and to minimize possible accidents, the office has fixed the time limit for vehicles. According to the time card provided at Pathlaiya, the driver will have to reach Bhardah of Saptari.

The traffic police had also requested people not to drive in a hurry during the festival, saying that they would be punished if they arrived earlier than the specified time. Sushil Acharya, traffic police inspector of the office, said that the time card will help in reducing possible accidents as the speed of the vehicle will be controlled.

Applying time cards to vehicles, Police Inspector Acharya requested the drivers to help in the campaign to reduce accidents. Police Inspector Acharya said that the role of the driver is important to take the passengers to their destination safely not only during the festival but also at other times as well.

Police Inspector Acharya while talking to the passengers in the passenger bus, requested the driver to remind them if they are driving fast, stop if they try to measure, and inform the police if they charge more fare. He also suggested to inform the traffic police stationed on the highway if there is any misbehavior or complaint from the driver or co-driver during the journey.

According to the time given by the office, the journey of 250 kilometers from Pathlaiya to Bhardah will have to be completed in five hours and 45 minutes. According to the office, action will be taken against vehicles that arrive faster than that time.

According to Lakshmi Bhandari, Deputy Superintendent of Traffic Police of the office, time cards will be checked at various traffic posts from Pathlaiya to Bhardah and action will be taken against vehicles arriving before the specified time.

Deputy Superintendent of Traffic Police Bhandari informed eShilalekh that the vehicles coming to Bhardah from Pathlaiya and from Bhardah to Pathlaiya should reach their destination according to the time card.

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