11 leaders of CPN Socialist Party including two MPs have returned to UML



September 30, 2022 10:48 am

Simara: 11 leaders of CPN United Socialist Party including two MPs from Madhes province have returned to CPN UML. They returned to the UML in a program held on Thursday at the UML’s central office in Chyasal.

In the return of UML, CPN United Socialist central member and district president Sundar Bishwakarma, outgoing provincial assembly member and Central Election Commission member Sita Gurung are among others. Bishwakarma is the state MP elected from Bara constituency no. 4(a) and Gurung is the outgoing proportional MP of the state.

Similarly, among others who have returned to UML are Central Council members Kaushal Kishore Singh, Mahesh Bishwakarma, Madhes Pradesh Committee members Dashrath Ram, Vidya Thapa, Min Rahpal, District Committee members Manju Khanal, Manju Bhattarai, Acchelal Ram and Mukti Sahni.

After separating from CPN-UML and forming the Socialist Party under the leadership of Madhav Kumar Nepal, they have been active in the same party. They have been in various responsibilities of socialist Party and have finally returned to UML.

They were introduced to the party by CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli. While welcoming them to the party, President Oli expressed his happiness that they have decided to come back even though they have been somewhere else for some time. Gurung, who participated in the program, said that President Oli instructed him to be active in the work of the party.

After the team with the influential leaders of the district prepared to return to UML, the central level leader of Socialist party gave assurance and pressure not to take that decision and stay in the party. But they said that they did not fall under the pressure as they had taken a decision with the conclusion that there is no other party working for the country except UML.