Sample voting in Simara to make the election orderly



November 14, 2022 10:13 pm

Simara: Voting has been conducted in Simara in order to organize the election of members of the House of Representatives and State Assembly to be held on Mansir 4. A sample vote has been taken to train the staff and security personnel assigned to Bara Region No. 4.

Chief of the District Election Office Saroj Chaudhary has informed that the employees and security personnel have been trained to complete the voting in an orderly and conflict-free manner. During the sample voting, the staff working at the center were informed about the entire process of voting and ballot box security.

Chief District Officer of Bara Krishna Bahadur Katuwal, Chief Electoral Officer Purneshwar Prasad Upadhyay along with Electoral Officers, staff and security personnel who were assigned to the election of Bara participated in the sample voting.

Chaudhary, the head of the election office, said that 4,440 employees will be deployed in Bara for the election.