Blanket distribution to needy families in Pachrauta



January 25, 2023 4:33 pm

Simara: The office of Pachrauta Municipality has distributed Blanket to eight hundred and eighty eight poor people within the city area on Tuesday. Blanket was distributed to families affected by cold in a program held at the municipal office.

The Chief Guest of the program was Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development Jwala Shah, Member of Madhes State Assembly Muhammad Sameer, Central Member of UML Balbir Chaudhary, City Chief Jalandhar Singh and others distributed Blanket. As the life of poor families started to be affected due to cold weather, the municipality planned to distribute Blanket some time ago.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Minister Sah said that he has proceeded in a planned manner for the development of agriculture and livestock sector. Minister Sah said that she is working to ensure the investment made by farmers in the agricultural sector along with the production, marketing, and subsidies of the agricultural sector.

In the program, Blanket was distributed to 10/10 people representatively from all the wards of the city and the municipal office has prepared to distribute it to others from the wards. City chief Singh said that after preparing a list of needy families, Blanket was distributed.

In the program, the municipality honored Minister of Agriculture Sah. Minister Sah, who was elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Bara Region No. 3, was honored by the municipality.

In the program, the municipality bade farewell to Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Katuwal, who was transferred from Bara. In the program chaired by City Chief Singh, Deputy Chief Nasima Khatun, Deputy Chief Najmu Shehar of Simraungarh Municipality, Superintendent of Police Hobindra Bogti of Bara, Deputy Superintendent of Armed Police Amar Bahadur Khatri, Deputy Secretary of UML Bara Srijan Bajgai, Chief Administrative Officer of Pachrauta Municipality Mahesh Kumar Mishra, Lakshmi Yadav, Ward President of Ward No. 5, Bhenuk Raut Kurmi, President of Ward No. 3, Gagandev Yadav, President of Ward No. 9, Gauri Sah, Head of Administration, Education Branch Co-ordinator Mukesh Singh, Suresh Yadav, City Incharge of UML, Jayanarayan Kurmi, City President, and other representatives of political parties, Representatives, employees and residents were present.

Chief of Health Nawal Yadav conducted the program and Prabhunath Patel delivered the felicitation speech. Nikhil Paswan, president of the National Dalit Journalist Association Bara, informed eShilalekh that there was an enthusiastic participation of locals in the program.