Establishment of welfare fund by Press Chautari Nepal Bara



February 6, 2023 2:00 pm

Simara: On the occasion of the 25th Foundation Day, Press Chautari Nepal Bara has established a Journalist Welfare Fund. Chautari Bara has established a welfare fund for the benefit of media workers affiliated to the organization.

Chautari Bara President Diwakar Bhandari announced the establishment of welfare fund at the establishment day program held in the hall of Sanchar Hub Pvt Ltd in Simara. Chairman Bhandari has said that the procedure will be created and the fund will be implemented.

The participants of the program appreciated the fact that the fund was established targeting the media workers who are involved in Chautari Bara and doing active journalism. The chief guest of the program, Madhes Pradesh Assembly member Devnarayan Chaudhary said that the concept of the fund is admirable and he would also support it.

In the program, former state assembly member Sundar Biswakarma announced that he would personally donate 10,000 for the fund. Biswakarma said that the purpose of establishing the fund is to present a sample of excellent work and that he is excited to support the fund.

In the program, Central Secretary of Press Chautari Nepal Kamal Kumar Upadhyay has announced that 21,000 will be provided for the fund. Upadhyaya said that Press Chautari Nepal has been established as a strong organization and suggested to move forward unitedly.

Bhola Prasad Adhikari, deputy chief of Jitpursimara sub-metropolitan city, said in the program that he will always give priority to the communication sector that takes the activities of the local government to the people. The Deputy Chief Officer promised that there would be no reduction in the support from the city for the upliftment of the communication sector and that he would support the welfare fund.

In the program, UML Madhes State Committee member Manoj Paudel said that the role of communication sector is important for good governance and prosperity. In the event, UML district secretariat member Amritlal Shrestha handed over the funds announcing that he would contribute 7,000 for the welfare fund. He said that the role of Press Chautari is very important towards the party and expressed his happiness for starting welfare fund.

In the program, Haridev Kharel, who was elected as the ward president of Ward No. 16 of Jitpursimara sub-metropolitan city, was honored in the program. He promised to support the welfare fund.

In the program, Anil Tiwari, Vice President of Press Chautari Nepal Madhes Province, announced that he will donate 5,000 for the fund, and Anil Gaurav, Secretary of the Nepal Journalist Federation, announced that he will donate 6,000 for the fund on behalf of Shanti Media Pvt.

In the program chaired by President Diwakar Bhandari, media personnel with various responsibilities in Press Chautari Nepal were present. The program was facilitated by Vice President Radheshyam Patel and the welcome speech was delivered by Vice President Nilisa Verma.

Distribution of food and fruits in old age homes

On the occasion of the Foundation Day, Press Chautari Bara distributed food and fruits to the old age people. Chautari reached the old age home at Jitpursimara-1 Pathlaiya and distributed food and fruits.

Chautari distributed fruits, juices, rice, pulses, oil, potatoes, biscuits and other food items. Chautari Bara vice president Nilisa Verma, district working committee members Tulsa Ghimire, Ranjana Khatiwada distributed fruits to the elderly.

In the program chaired by District President Diwakar Bhandari, Central Secretary of Press Chautari Nepal Kamal Kumar Upadhyay, Former Central Member Gokul Ghorsaine, State Committee Member of Chautari Shambhu Mahato, Central Council Member of Press Chautari Pushparaj Khatiwada, Madhes Province President Dushyant Choudhary of Fonij, Press Chautari District Vice President Radheshyam Patel, Secretary Jiyut Prasad Yadav, Secretary of Nepal Journalist Federation Bara Anil Gaurav, Treasurer Shyam Gupta, District Working Committee Member of Press Chautari Pralad Timilsina, Dhirendra Tiwari, Rameshwar Patel and others were present.