Prime Minister Prachanda will inaugurate the Jeetpursimara festival



February 23, 2024 3:26 pm

Simara: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda will inaugurate the ‘First Jeetpursimara Mahotsav’ organized by Jeetpursimara City Industry and Commerce Association. Accepting the organizer’s invitation, Prachanda promised to come to the opening of the festival.

To invite Prachanda, Member of Parliament of Bara Region No. 4 and former minister Kisan Shrestha, president of the association Mohan Sharma Lamichhane went to the Prime Minister’s office. Lamichhane, president of the association, said that Prime Minister Prachanda is certain to attend the opening ceremony.

The festival is starting from 18th of Falgun in the open area near the Malpot Office located at Jeetpursimra 3. The festival, which is going to be organized with the slogan of ‘Agriculture, tourism, sports, industry and business, Jeetpursimara, Bara Madhes main base of prosperity’, will be conducted till 29th of Falgun.

The festival has been organized with the aim of promoting and encouraging the stalled commercial sector due to the economic recession. There will be exhibitions of economic, educational, tourism, agriculture and other fields in the festival, which will have around 200 stalls.

The association expects more than one lakh people to watch the festival. Students will have to pay 25 rupees and others 50 rupees to enter the festival, while disabled and senior citizens can visit for free.

Prakash Giri, general secretary of the association, said that the festival will include cultural programs, wrestling competitions, children’s gardens and other entertainment fields in the presence of local and national artists. General Secretary Giri has informed that 20 sub-committees have been formed and preparations are being made for the preparation of the festival.