Finally electricity reached Tangiyabasti, local excited



September 26, 2022 10:19 pm

Simara: Due to the government plan to build the second international (Nijgadh) airport, electricity reached Tangiyabasti on Saturday evening located in Jitpursimara sub-metropolis-16 of Bara which has been in darkness for a long time . Electricity has reached Tangiyabasti, which has been deprived of government services due to the airport construction plan.

Due to lack of electricity, the local villages, which have been relying on solar for a long time, are happy after the electricity has reached the village. When the lights reach the village during the festival, the local excitement is added.

After the forest protection program started by the government was suspended in 2046, the citizens who were forest guards have been living in Tangiyabasti since then. In the year 2032, the government brought bara to the citizens from various districts including Kavre as part of the program of planting trees in the desert areas and cultivating the hills in the lowlands.

After the suspension of the program in 2046 by the interim government led by Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, the stranded citizens started living in Tangiya at the request of the government. The settlement of Tangiya, which started with about 150 households, has now reached about 2000.

The residents of Tangiya, who have been living temporarily at the request of the government, have been deprived of government facilities since then. The government has not prioritized Tangiyabasti due to unorganized settlements in the forest area and government plans to build an airport.

But because of the government plan, citizens of Tangiya have been agitating that they should not be deprived of the services they get. According to the residents of Tangiya, the state did not manage them properly and did not transfer them to other places and did not provide even the minimum service facilities.

After the protest and repeated requests of the residents of Tangiya, the Nepal Electricity Authority has made electrification with an investment of nearly two and a half million. Area no.3 Rambabu Yadav, outgoing Member of Parliament o , Rajan Paudel, Jitpursimara City Chief, Bhola Prasad Adhikari, Deputy Chief, Haridev Kharel, Ward President inaugurated the event.

Inaugurating the electricity, the outgoing MP Yadav said that electricity was brought to Tangiyabasti so that the government plan to build an airport would not be hindered. Yadav said that electrification has been done so that electricity facilities will be provided immediately and if the government wants, Tangiyabasi will be transferred elsewhere for the airport.

The division forest office at Simara has been dissatisfied with the electrification of Tangiyabasti. The forest office argues that electrification cannot be done within the forest area. But the outgoing Member of Parliament Yadav said that the electrification plan has moved forward to provide facilities to citizens who have been living there for a long time.

“You don’t have to live in the dark just because of the airport plan. After the airport is built, the settlement can be moved elsewhere’ said Yadav, ‘that is why the lights are on in the village. Now it is necessary to solve the problem of unorganized residence here.

In the program, Jitpursimara city chief Paudel said that work is being done to solve the problem of unorganized settlement of Tangiyabasti, which is a backward settlement within the sub-metropolitan municipality. Likewise, the deputy chief officer said that work will be done so that Tangiyabasti feels like a citizen of the sub-metropolitan city.

Karaiyamai village president Shambhu Prasad Yadav, Nepal Electricity Authority Simara distribution center head Ramu Shrestha, outgoing ward president Kedarnath Bajgain, Tangiyabasti leader Ramesh Sapkota and others participated in the program.

This is how the electrification of Tangiyabasti has happened:

Nepal Electricity Authority has spent 2 crore 34 Lakh rupees for electrification in Tangiya. The authority has electrified by extending the 11 KV line about seven km and the LT line about 20 km.

The authority has used insulated covered conductors in the forest area during electrification so that there is no need to cut trees. The authority has electrified the area with 161 11-meter electric poles and 413 8/9-meter poles. Four transformers of 100 kV have been used for this work. The authority started the electrification work in the month of Chaitra and the authority completed it in Bhadra. After electrification, meters have been installed in 450 houses in Tangiyabasti, which has 1,476 households.