Management of the school  handed over to the students



November 8, 2022 4:51 pm

Simara: New Ekta English Boarding School located in Jitpursimara Sub-Metropolitan City-1 is active in creative activities. Ekta, which has been doing various activities to give practical education to the students, handed over the entire  management of the school to the hands of the students on Sunday.

In an effort to make students excel in other subjects along with studies, the management of Ekta School has asked more than 30 students of the school to run the school for a day. On that day, students were seen in the role of principal, management, administration and teachers of the school. One day they managed the school in an orderly manner.

Madan Rijal, the principal of the school, who had been entrusted with the official duties he was performing, was in a state of non-role on that day. He sat on his responsibility and observed the work done by his own students.

Rijal, the principal of the school, said that one day the entire management was left in the hands of the students to make them excel in other activities as well as studies. Rijal said that such creative activities will make the students mature and develop their leadership skills.