Motorcyclist injured in a tiger attack



February 22, 2024 3:28 pm

Simara: A motorcyclist was injured in a tiger attack on Wednesday afternoon in the forest near Piluwa under Pathlaiya-Nijgadh road section of Bara. Two people were injured when a tiger that came out of the forest of Parsa National Park attacked a passenger on a moving motorcycle.

The injured are Raju Sah Baniya and Krishna Sah Baniya of Rautahat Baudhimai Municipality 3. They have been treated at a community hospital in Nijgadh. The condition of both is normal.

The Bara police said that while returning to Rautahat from Bharatpur on the motorcycle NA 36P 5011, a tiger attacked near Piluwa, Jeetpursimara 16. Raju, who went to the hospital for treatment after the incident, said that a tiger that came out of the forest attacked him. Raju was riding behind the motorcycle.

Raju says that he came to know only when the tiger started to bite his hand. When the tiger bit his hand and started pulling him, the motorcycle fell uncontrollably. Driver Krishna was injured when the motorcycle fell.

Raju informed that the tiger ran away as the motorcycle fell and the tiger entered the forest after the bus that was coming behind honked its horn. Both were rescued by the passengers of the passenger bus. Doctors at the hospital have said that Raju’s condition is out of danger after injuries to various parts of his body.

As the area of ​​Parsa National Park expands, the movement of tigers and elephants is increasing on Pathlaiya-Nijgadh road section. There is a park on the north side of the road section and a national forest area on the south side. Bara police have also requested to take safety precautions while traveling in the area.