Sankata stunned, Bagmati in semifinals



March 30, 2022 10:24 am

Simara: Bagmati Youth Club, Sarlahi has entered the semifinals of the 12th Jeetpursimara Gold Cup in  Simara with a significant victory over the previous winner Sankata Club.

In the last quarterfinal match played at Simara Stadium on Tuesday, Bagmati defeated Sankata 1-0 to reach the last four. The equation of the semi-final of the Gold Cup has been completed with the victory of Bagmati who came on the field wearing the jersey of the organizer Nawa Janajagriti. Bagmati will now play the divisional team APF Club for the final entry. APF Club has already entered the semifinals of the competition by defeating Himalayan Sherpa 3-2.

Bagmati scored the winning goal in extra time of the competitive match. The game was postponed to extra time after both teams played a goalless draw in regulation time. Anil Ranamagar scored the decisive goal for Bagmati in the 27th minute of extra time. Anil scored the winning goal on a free kick by Dina Gurung.

Despite playing a better game than Bagmati, Sankata, who missed out on finishing, is out of the competition after losing. The Sankata had put pressure on Bagmati from the very beginning of the game. Sankata took control of the ball most of the time and missed some chances in the first half.

In the 35 th minute of the match, Deepesh Ale Magar lost a good chance in the cross of Fode Fofana. Deepesh could not control the pass made by Fofana inside the box. His attack became weak.

The coaches of both the teams got red cards during the injury of the first half which became competitive. Referee Prakash Nath Shrestha had sent out the coaches of both the teams showing red cards for using abusive language in the dispute between the players. Sankata coach Salyan Khadki, who became angry after receiving the red card, has even broken his chair. Khadgi threw the chair while going out of the field after receiving the red card.

In the second half, both teams played without a coach. The Sankata in the stadium, which was attended by about 4,000 domestic spectators, also dominated the second half. In the 62nd minute of the game, Sankataka Fofana missed the one-on-one situation. His blow hit the post and returned. Soon Yanik missed another chance. He could not direct Fofana’s cross ball towards the post.

Bagmati could not make much in the second half. In the 82 nd minute of the match, Dina Gurung failed to score on a pass from Susan Lama. Seen under pressure, Bagmati did not allow the leading players of the sankata to succeed.

The game was postponed for an extra 30 minutes after both teams failed to score in the allotted time. The Sankata controlling the extra time game also lost many opportunities. In the 117th minute of the match, Bagmati got a chance to free kick. Bagmati scored the winning goal in the free kick.

Sankata goalkeeper Rajababu Thapa tried to control the free kick hit by Dina Gurung but Anil scored through the head in the rebound ball. After scoring against the seemingly strong sankata, the enthusiastic Bagmati managed the last time and got the result in favor.

Bagmati’s Abhishes Waiba were declared Man of the Match. He got five thousand rupees cash. Chief Administrative Officer of Jeetpur Simra Sub-Metropolis Chet Kumar Pokharel distributed the award to Anil.

The first semi-final match will be played between NRT Club and organizer Nawa Janajagriti Youth Club on Wednesday. NRT defeated Bijaya Youth and the organizers defeated Sudurpaschim 11 to reach the last four. The winner of the competition will get Rs.10 Lakhs and the runner-up will get Rs.5 Lakhs.