Dreams Taj Mega Mart opened in Jitpur



October 1, 2021 1:04 am

Jeetpur: Dreams Taj, which has been operating a modern restaurant, has also opened a mega mart in Jeetpur. One year after the launch of Dreams Taj Restaurant, Mega Mart has been brought into operation with the investment of Crore.Named “Dreams Taj Mega Mart”, the mart is operating at Giri Market in Jitpur. According to Binod Prasad Gupta, the operator of the mart, all the items including groceries, food, cosmetics, gifts and toys are available from one place.Our aim is to provide the necessary household items to the customers from one place,” said Gupta.

Director Gupta said, “Once you come here, you can buy groceries, food and cosmetics in one place.” Besides, ice cream, toys and gifts can also be bought at cheaper prices than the market.Gupta said that after the operation of the mart, customers can buy goods in a peaceful and family atmosphere. He has invested millions in the operation of the mart. Our investment is customer oriented. We will be successful if we can serve customers from one place, ”said Gupta.“ That’s why we are making the mart more organized.

Gupta, who has been operating the restaurant with big investment, says that he has entered the mart area with the concept of organized market. Ô Mart makes the market area organized and beautiful. “I think most entrepreneurs need to adapt their businesses to increasing urbanization,” Gupta said.